Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"A Show" Community Collected Affirmations

•I am not broken and do not need to be fixed. But I am strong enough to slowly reveal the layers of shame, guilt, and judgement that hold me back from my true self.
•The key to confidence is a smile. Smile at the negativity. Smile at the positivity. Smile at your enemies, your loved ones, and most of all, TO YOURSELF.
•My body is the sex and gender I say it is.
•I am an expert on myself. No one knows better that me who I am and what I need.
•I can be proud of my healing process, even if it starts and stops.
•You are beautiful and the reason that life is magic.
•Love is the answer to every question.
•"Meditation practice isn't about trying to throw ourselves away or become something better. It's about befriending who we already are"–Pema Chodron
•I have the right to say yes, no, or maybe, and it's ok if I change my mind.
•I am strong enough to follow my own path, not the path others think I should take. I know what is best and right for me.
•I deserve people in my life who can see my pain, who are willing to witness my stories, and who can be patient with my growth.
•My lived experience is proof enough of my belief system
•When I show myself compassion, I resist all of the ways I have been taught to judge and police myself.
•My boundaries deserve respect.
•Sometimes bravery is "I will try again tomorrow".
•Smile at someone to brighten up their day. ALWAYS!
•"It's about going out there and being the one who can do it" –SRR ♡
•I am allowed to change. It does not mean that the things I said or felt about myself before were wrong or untrue. Change is not shameful. It is the state of the universe.
•I am queer because i say I am.
•I am allowed to say no to carrying the weight of other people's problems.
•I deserve people who will support me with love and patience when I am making difficult decisions.
•Breathe. Breathe again! You. Are. Worth It! ♡
•Feelings are information–my body and heart are telling me something–and I get to decide how I want to use that information.
•My relationships do not have to look the way I have been taught relationships should look.
•All bodies and good bodies. My body is a good body.
•Don't "should" yourself.
•Take a chance. It is always worth it no matter the outcome.
•Live every day as if it were your last. Be honest to yourself and let your heart guide you. Do the best you can to make a difference to yourself and others.
•I know that what is hidden from me is hidden for a reason, and so I appreciate the mystery and I dwell in the realms of possibility.
•I remember and appreciate all the work I have done to feel at home in my life.
•I am not buried, I am planted.
•I'm here for you.
•Every wall is a door.
•I've got ideas for days and they need a home. I need a space wide enough to accommodate them all. I will make it if it's not given to me.
•I let myself grow beyond my own understanding of what I am.
•I am carried by currents that care for me, even if I don't believe or trust that they're there.
•In Spanish, "I believe" and "I create" are said the same way (yo creo). To believe IS to create.
•I listen to the wisdom of my heart.
•If I must do harm to myself, I practice harm-reduction.
•My love is not a finite resource.
•I do what I can, where I am, with what I have. And that is enough for this moment.
•Love. Be love. Show love. You are love. Love.
•I cannot control another's response to my existence or choices. What I CAN control is my own response to their reaction.
•Healing is the most radical act I can perform.
•I treat myself the same way every day no matter the way I show up or the way I might need to step down.
•I remember to do my best, to love my best, and to appreciate my best before I do the rest.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Unison Community Health Centre

Didn't pan out. Needing more support, time, and organizational (and perhaps city) collaboration...